How banged up are your kids?

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I'm surprised I haven't been turned in yet! My 2 yr. old is so active & such a daredevil! He ALWAYS has bruises, scrapes, cuts, bites, scratches, etc. Of course I try to prevent him from injuring himself, but as hard as I try- he still falls on gravel, get scratched wrestling with the dog, mosquito bites, jumping off everything, etc. He looks so banged up though! I'm glad it is getting cool & I can put him in jeans & prevent some of the scrapes & stuff. Is it just us or are your kids covered in owies too? I feel like people must think I mistreat him or something! And, every little thing leaves a mark on his fair sensitive skin, so that doesn't help either...
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    Danae is always sporting a bruise or two. She falls all the time because she doesn't watch where she's going. I don't worry about it much because I figure most kids her age are pretty banged up. I'd rather have an active kid with some bruises than a couch potato!
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    Happens to Solomon all the time too, especially in the summer when he's playing outside more often. I feel guilty sometimes and worry people will think I'm a bad mom, but I think people know it's normal with little boys. When I scheduled Sol's 18-month portraits, I ended up cancelling and rescheduling because he cut his thumb badly and had a very unsightly bandage. Then when we had the new appointment, he had a big scrape across his forehead from who-knows-what. I decided it gave him some character and that if I waited to do his portraits until he had no bumps, bruises, or scrapes, we'd never get them done.
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    Izzy's got a bump on his forehead right now, he just runs crazy everywhere. Yesterday he ran from the kitchen to the living room fell and hit his head on the bottom part of the couch ,hence the bump.

    Atleast this one doesn't eat random things like my older boy did at this age ..LOL
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    Karan's birthday party was Saturday and by the time he went to the bed, he looked ROUGH. He and another kid had collided and he had a big bump on his forehead. Then something had happened (still not sure what) and his cheek was all red and sore. His lip was fat.

    So, yes, he always looks banged up.
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    My kid's shins have been constantly black and blue since he started walking over 3 years ago. I always feel so embarrassed when I bring him in to the pediatrician for check ups.
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    Oh...I'm right there with you guys. Chas has bruises on his leg and a big one on his ribs (have no idea), 6 mosquito bites on his face and a big welp on his ear from last night when he fell into the corner of the coffee table.

    Addison has two bruises on her head from her constant need to throw herself back at any random time and learning to walk.
  • subbrocksubbrock Registered Users Posts: 8,212
    majerle rarely, if ever, gets banged up. and its not for lack of trying! i dont know if she was a stuntwoman in a past life or what, but she narrowly misses injury everyday.
  • InissantAngelInissantAngel Orlando, FLRegistered Users Posts: 173 Curl Connoisseur
    My 3 year old daughter is always sporting cuts, bumps, and bruises.

    She's so accident prone she actually woke up from a nap one day with a black eye. Seriously. I have no idea what she did but it wasn't there when we put her down.
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    Both of my kids look like they just fought a war with their shins.

    My 7-year-old daughter has bruises all over, and has no idea how she got any of them. I'll be supervising tub time, and see these humungo bruises on her thighs, or on her back, and ask her where they came from. "What bruises? What are you talking about??" she'll reply. She honestly has no clue.

    The little guy (almost 3) constantly has bumps and bruises on his forehead. He looks like he's been driving nails with his head. I guess that's what happens when you careen around doing everything at 900 MpH...
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