just tried the baking soda rinse - LOVE IT!

MsBeeHavinMsBeeHavin Registered Users Posts: 29
I've done an ACV rinse a few times, but thought it left my hair too dry and 'squeaky' feeling, so I thought I'd try baking soda since I've been reading about it on nc.com. Boy, was I impressed! It left my hair feeling so light and fluffy and the little baby hairs at my hairline coiled up beautifully - such a change from my limpy wavy hair!

Do any of you wavy 2s do the baking soda thing? If so, how often and what's your technique? I just dumped some in a bowl, added warm water and poured it over my head!
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  • unique1193unique1193 Registered Users Posts: 328
    Thats awsome!! I havent done one yet but i definitley think my hair needs a cleansing. How did you make yours?

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    I wasn't crazy about the acv rinse either. Please tell us how you use it? do you do it as a last rinse or before conditioning??? I would like to try this also.
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  • MsBeeHavinMsBeeHavin Registered Users Posts: 29
    I don't really have a technique, but I've done the baking soda rinse twice now and just dumped some in a bowl and added some warm water then bent over the tub and worked it through my hair. It was late at night so I skipped the condish and piled my hair on to of my head and secured it with a scrunchy and went to bed. When I woke the next morning it looked great! Try it and let me know how it works for you!
    shoulder-blade wavie searching for curls

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