Why is it so hard to get replies at the "General Discussion.." board these days?

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Sorry, I hate to say it, but it's becoming a board with more unanswered, or hardly answered questions these days. I feel like the threads that receive a whopping # of replies there pertain to topics like "post your curly pics" or whatever.

Seriously, I hate to rant, but after all these years in learning to do my own hair, I still can't help but attempt to post a question there once in a while that has to do with my daughter's hair. Everyone's curls are different, and hers are different from mine, so now I have new questions to ask.

And yes, I usually try the "parenting" board every so often, but there seems to be a similar problem there with hardly answered questions.

So, this isn't just about the threads I start, I am seeing this pattern with a lot of threads these days.

I know, I understand that some questions appear redundant sometimes and ppl get tired of providing the same answers, but even after doing an advanced search, we don't always find the exact topic we're looking for.

I still appreciate this site though and do enjoy other boards such as "non-hair discussion" "pregnancy and parenting", etc. much more than the hair boards. Really, I don't usually come here for hair topics these days.

I'm sorry, maybe I'll try to give my 2 cents more at the hair boards before trying to post questions....I suppose it's matter of give and take sometimes :confused:


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    What kind of curls does your daughter have? Maybe go in the specific type board to ask for help. I personally don't venture out of the type 4 sections that often but every once in a while I'll poke my head into the 3c section. You may find more help there

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    She's a type 3. Do you think that the threads in the hair type forums get more answers than the General Discussion for Curly Hair?

    I guess I didn't realize over the years that ppl are getting more specific and would rather break the discussion down to hair types than just a General Discussion for Curly Hair.

    Hmmm...I actually did finally get responses on the most recent thread I posted (about flyaway hairs), after bumping it, but I thought this was a very general problem that has little to do with hair type and more to do with finding products to hold it down...

    Oh well, thanks....
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    I tend to click on 'new posts' so I can see what's around, but can also see where things have been posted. I've noticed that people are tending to put threads that I personally think are quite general within the curl type boards, which I find a bit odd. :confused4:

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    It's worth a try. Or you could try bumping the original thread

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    It's probably a bit late to reply, but I think in general this board doesn't move very fast (except in the 'everthing else' bit). In addition, I think that a lot of times titles are not necessarily indicative of what the post's about - and not everyone clicks and reads every new post, but instead just scan titles. I suspect some people don't even bother with the General Discussion board - a lot of the questions get repeated over and over again (as I'm sure you know) and that can warn people off somewhat (have you noticed there's only a handful of experienced users patrolling the Newbies board? - this is why.). In that case, it's always worth a bump to bring it to the top again just in case someone willing to read the post itself happens by.
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