Henna on blondish hair -- need your expertise!

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I just ordered henna and cassia from Mehandi -- it is their "Sunshine" bundle which is supposed to come out strawberry blonde (2 parts cassia to 1 part henna).

My natural color was strawberry blonde when I was younger; but it has faded to sort of a dark golden blonde interspersed with gray at this point. My ends are couple shades lighter from than the roots; I'm looking to blend everything together and cover my grays. Commercial hair dye does not work at all for me as my hair is VERY porous -- it always comes out way too dark initially and then fades within a week or two while not doing anything at all to my grays.

So I'm going to give henna a try -- I look good with red hair so I'm not worried about it being red, but I just don't want it to have a radioactive look, if you know what I mean.

I'd like to hear your experiences with henna/cassia mixtures on light colored hair. How long should I leave it on? As I mentioned, my hair is porous so it takes color easily but then loses it equally easily -- although I am hoping that is not going to be the case with henna.
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