I know babies aren't supposed to have honey but...

DelmaDelma connecticutRegistered Users Posts: 1,121
does that include honey in baked things? I gave Izzy some crackers yesterday not knowing they had honey in them,is it bad for him to have them?


  • KaiaKaia Home of the FL GatorsRegistered Users Posts: 8,815 Curl Connoisseur
    No, it's fine. The reasons are that it's a choking hazard (sticky) and that it sometimes can have infant botulism spores, which would be killed when baked. :) It's supposedly fine for kids 1 year and up anyway.
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  • stitch4stitch4 Registered Users Posts: 4
    It's OK!
    It's really only raw honey that is a risk.
    I kept my boys away from all honey as a precaution, but it's really only raw honey you have to worry about!

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