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My hair is doing well but my edges don't really curl, and because I don't color it really stands out. My edges don't lye down nice and flat so I can't get a smooth ponytail. I was thinking about trying heat straightening for more variety but I am so afraid of all the horror stories about the curl not returning all the way from other boards. I know that some of these board are really militant so I was wondering if it is possible to straightening and have your curl return the to the way they were.


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    definitely not hun. It's not even worth trying. Heat is the worst for your curls. Try cutting off the edges as they grow out. Maybe that might work.
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    I only straighten to get a trim. I have layers all over my head, so it is hard for me to cut it myself. I recently got my hair straightened. Usually my stylist uses a flat iron. My hair easily reverts. However, this time, she used those marcel irons and some of my hair is burnt straight. Some of the burnt pieces are in the front hairline so they will easily grow out. I have a couple in the back. I am blending it in for now with a twistout.

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    wow I am so sorry to hear that, I have heard that those Marcel straightening combs were the worst.

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