PB&J for glucose test

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Add to the list of reasons I love my midwife...

I have to have my glucose test at my next visit in 2 weeks. I asked my midwife if I could skip the test because I had a bad reaction to the drink last time (horrible nausea/diarrhea/vomiting/lightheadedness) and because I feel I'm at low risk for gestational diabetes - I've gained an appropriate amount of weight, I eat a healthy diet, exercise moderately, etc. She told me she'd really like for me to have the test because sometimes women who are my size end up having gestational diabetes anyway, plus I do have a family history of diabetes. But she said that instead of the awful drink, I could eat a PB&J sandwich or 17 jelly beans an hour before the test. I still hate getting blood drawn, but this is waaaaay better.
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    I had to drink 10 oz of Welch's grape juice. Gotta love midwives! :)
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    edited because I put the topic in the reply section.. oops!
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    My OB and I had many conversations about the GD test. He is very mild and wasn't going to push me to take it but suggested that I ask the perinatologist about some of the alternatives. The peri condemned all of the alternatives and got into a battle of statistics with me about it. I think I won and left not planning to take it. I ended up taking it at the very last minute since I had to go the lab anyway for some other bloodwork. I actually had a much milder response to it this time.

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