Help! Stylist recommendations in Tampa Bay FL area!

Hi, I really want to trim my hair and retouch color...but so very afraid to go to just anybody and them HACK me up. eeek!

I'm in the Tampa area and actually emailed and left phone message for "struttswife" but she must be extremely busy because I have not gotten a response!

Any other suggestions?

TIA -Laura


  • StruttsWifeStruttsWife Registered Users Posts: 819 Curl Neophyte
    What contact info do you have? I've caught up with all outstanding emails and phone messages, so if you haven't heard back from me, I didn't get the message. I moved to a new salon recently and from what I understand, they haven't been too great about letting people know where I went.
    - Tiffany
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  • 3C4Atrying2embracecurls3C4Atrying2embracecurls Registered Users Posts: 59
    Hi! I got your message yesterday and got the "ok" from the hubby (who is actually gung-ho about me wearing my hair curly!)

    I'm going to try and reach you today to figure out which Saturday you can fit me in for a trim and retouch of color... Gotta hide those grays!



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