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I've been in the forums since the end of May '06. I recently answered the "How do you feel about your hair" thread and thought it would make a decent intro.

When I read in Lorraine Massey's book about how she used to wrap a shirt over her head and swing it to feel like she had long hair, I said "I thought only me, my sister and Whoopi Goldberg did that." My sister and I used to "swing" with a towel instead of hair.

At age 8 I went from a 100% African American parochial school to a 98% White public school. One of my new best friends (Italian-American) had long, thick, shining hair with perfect bangs, and was a ballet student at School of American Ballet to boot! How's that for a masochistic choice in friends? :) But she was a good friend and a real person, with no "attitude" about her considerable talent.

I was in hair hell until "I'm Black and I'm proud" came into the culture when I was around 15. My mother would not let me use relaxers and I hated presses. It was braids out or topnots at home, and always fighting the pull of the comb - ouch

I fought for an Afro, and getting one was a defining moment in my life. My first was an Angela Davis BAA and I wore it until around age 19, when I got a TWA instead. I had TWA's for a few years as a result of several big chops, and enjoyed the freedom. Kept them TWA for control, then relaxed my hair as it grew.

I had braid extensions after college, straightened hair, even Jheri Curls (ughh) in my thirties. Then I texturized for a "natural curly" 3C look for about 15 years. I went with blond highlights in the nineties until my hair started falling out from the chemicals. Last year, with the encouragement of a good curly stylist, I decided not to relax again, just to see what happens.

I love where my hair is today. It has taken me more than 50 years to reclaim my hair and learn to trust it. Hair is fun again! I've been CG for a month and I love that too. I enjoy this site a lot and learn so much from it -- and my product junkie loves it too :lol:
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Playing with my hair is a hobby. Fluffy, fine natural 4a. Goal= Healthy, beautiful hair that retains its length.
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