Porosity too low?

I posted about mineral oil coating on my hair and have since clarified well. However, my hair still never sinks when I try the float test. Also, my hair takes at least 3 hours to dry and it's only chin-length. I read on another site that it means your porosity is too low. I know most people want low porosity but my hair is not healthy- it is very dry. Color is washing out in under a week. I have an apt Friday for color but I don't want to spend the money if it will wash right out. Do I need to correct the porosity? If so, how? TX!


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    I don't think you can really change porosity. I know that if I use a product that has mineral or castor oil, it can take weeks for my hair to get back to normal. Others have mentioned several SLS poos to rid themselves of mineral oil.
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