Tweaking Vitamin Regime - Need feedback

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I have a couple of questions. I am researching this on my own, but if any of you have anything to share- feel free.

I just learned that you are supposed to take equal parts of MSM and Vitamin C in order for the MSM to be effective. So if you take 1000mg of MSM then you need 1000mg of Vitamin C. Didn't know that.

I am going to jump on the Biotin bandwagon. Now I found a supplement that has 5mg [not mcg] of Biotin per pill. I am afraid of the breakouts etc.. But I heard that if you take a B - complex vitamin with it - it will stop the breakouts. I found a B-complex 100 that is balanced with all the B vits , paba, choline and insitol.

1. What ratio of B complex do you take per Biotin?

I also found a good amino acid complex. I am going to additionally supplement with lysine. I read that you must take lysine with Vitamin C as well for it to be effective.

2. Does anyone know the ratio of lysine to Vit C?
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