Hairveda Cocasta oil vs. Vatika oil

I'm interested in purchasing Hairveda's Cocasta oil, but I wanted to know how does it compare to Vatika oil?

I know both oils are infused with ayurveda (indian herbs...Brahmi, Neem, Amla, etc...

Are they pretty much the same thing? I already own some Vatika oil, so I don't want to purchase the Cocasta if it's close to the same thing.

Anyone own both? Which do you like best? If you own the Cocasta oil is it to thick / heavy to be used on the scalp? How do you use it?

Thanks. :-)


  • werenumber2werenumber2 Posts: 260Registered Users
    The Cocasta oil is definitely thicker than Dabur Vatika oil. I don't oil my scalp, but a lot of people like to use pomades and whatnot on their scalps...and those are thicker/denser than Cocasta oil.

    It was a pain to constantly have to submerge my Vatika bottle in hot water to melt the oil every time I wanted to use it. The Hairveda oil doesn't seem to solidify in cooler temperatures.

    I was never bothered by the Vatika scent (some people can't stand it), but Cocasta smells delicious. You can buy a sample bottle from Hairveda for just a couple of bucks, and the size is pretty generous.

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    The Vatika Oil is herbal-infused coconut oil. Not used for the sealing/oiling that you would use the Cocasta Oil for. I personally have the Cocasta Shikakai Oil and it is the BEST! Doesn't solidify, smells heavenly, and is not too heavy and not too light. Just right! Goldilocks porridge in a bottle! LOL! Purchase the sample first to see how you like it. That's how I figured out that I was in love!
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  • SystemSystem Posts: 39,060 Administrator
    Thanks werenumber2 and CoilyDelta27 for that info.

    I'm glad the cocasta oil can be used as a sealant because that's how I plan on using it.

    I went ahead and ordered the sample...Excited! can't wait to see how it works :-)

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