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I'm afraid. I know that there are probably dozens of threads like this, but I just need some really good feedback.

(17 Years Old, and Afraid Of Bc'ing: BUT ANXIOUS TO DO IT)

I have been transitioning since March, but had my last relaxer in February of 2009, so it's been about 8 months almost. I have close to 3 inches of NG, and I love it. It's always tempting for me to make a date to BC, because whenever I wet my hair, or co-wash my hair, the NG is always so soft and smooth, and feeling my inadequate, scraggly relaxed ends makes me want to do the BC sooner. I planned on transitioning till May/June of next year, but I'm starting to feel like I want to BC sooner. My Mom is not supportive because she thinks that having such short hair "won't look right" and whenever she's skeptical of something that I want to do, I usually go against myself. And since I'm skeptical of BC'ing with only 2 inches of hair, her disapproval isn't helping at all. But sometimes I just feel like saying screw it, I'm BC'ing no matter what you think of my hair!

So here's my plan: If I decide to keep transitioning, I will transition until December and make a decision. I chose December because during the end of December, I'll have a good amount of time during Christmas break so that If I do BC, I have time to get used to it and practice styles before going back to school. But I'm so afraid that I'll BC, be clueless of what to do, and have no options but to walk around with my hair as is. But strangely, I get the feeling that I'll love the results, not hate it. I'm just so torn, and I don't know what to do. I'm not confident, so how can I even do this? :-(

Sorry that I'm rambling, but I just need support (and Nappturality is down at the worst time!!! :crybaby:) Lol, so please help me!

Here's some pics of me with my hair back. I wanted to see how it would look if I BC'ed:


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    I think you look really nice with your hair like that :D I'm not sure what to tell you, but I think that when you're ready you will just do it without giving it a second thought :toothy7:
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    I've never had to transition myself, but I can understand your hesitation about chopping- earlier this year I went from almost BSL to near chin length at its longest (shortest layer was 1" long in the back) and cut off tons of damage. Even so, it was not really an easy thing to see my hair so short after being long for such a long time- it took some adjustment.

    I did want to say however that I think you have a beautiful face and face shape- I don't think you'd look weird going short. You could always cut off a few inches at a time and gradually go shorter to get yourself used to the idea if you don't want to let it all go in one swing.

    GL on transitioning, be sure to post pics when you BC! :)
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    I agree with pulchri2dinous. When you are ready to BC you won't hesitate to do it. I think most transitioners get the itch to cut. For months and months while transitioning, I kept checking out my new growth and wondered what it would look like once I BC'd. I planned to do my final cut in December (13 months in transition), but I did it after 10 months of transitioning. I just took a scissors to it and kept cutting.

    It was the right time for me! You will know when it's the right time for you.

    P.S. You have a pretty face...you'll look beautiful after you BC.
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    You've already received some good advice, so I can't really add much. I can only tell you that you need to wait until you know in your heart you are ready - I mean really, really ready. It's not that it's such a horrible thing, it's just that it's a big step, and you will go through an adjustment period. You need to be prepared for the change, and you need to know in your heart you did the right thing for you not anyone else, because only you will have to live with your decision.

    I transitioned for all of 4 months and then just did it. I was so sure I was ready - and I was. BUT I was not prepared for the change in my looks, I was not prepared for people seeing me for the first time after I did it and asking me why. I had no idea how to care for my natural hair, so I had many awkward days.

    I'm not saying this to deter you, I'm only telling you some of the things I went through, and things to think through before you do it. You're 17 - are you planning on going to the prom? Do you care if you go with short hair?

    If none of these things cause you to pause, then I say go for it - you're going to look lovely either way. But if any of these things make you wonder if you should still do it at this point - then I say give it more time, and wait until you're truly prepared.

    Best of luck to you whatever you decide:flower:
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    You have a beautiful face and I'm sure you will look great!!!
    Guess what...I'm 33 and my mother was like "Don't cut you hair too short...I won't look good!" They will always think they know best :laughing6:...

    What helped me a lot with my decision to cut or not was this post http://newlynatural.com/blog/?p=1100
    by our lovely member kitathena...

    Good luck!!!
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    First, let me say that you would look lovely with short hair. I cut about half of my relaxed ends off a couple of months ago & my mom freaked out. She likes my having long hair but I wanted to cut it and now I'm happy with the results. Oftentimes, at least when it comes to looks, mother does not always know best.

    I'm trying to transition for a full 2 yrs before going through w/ my BC and I have had the urge to just chop it all off many times so I definitely understand the feeling. I think you'll know when the time is right for you & when that time comes, don't worry about what others might think. You're doing this for you, no one else.
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