has anyone ever tried mane n tail?

i've heard a lot of good and a lot of bad. my hair is 3a, could it work?


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    I have 4a hair and I tried the Main & Tail Conditioner. I didn't like it to much, didn't have enough slip or moisture for me. Also protein is not my friend so the protein in the conditioner made my hair hard. Maybe you will have better luck with it. I gave mine away.

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    curlykenna wrote: »
    i've heard a lot of good and a lot of bad. my hair is 3a, could it work?
    I used the conditioner for a week or so then put it in the cupboard. It leaves kind of a waxy film on your hair.
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    I tried it but didn't like what it did to my hair. I stopped using it when I looked at the ingredients (before my CG days) and found WAX fairly high up!
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