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does finger combing or wide tooth combing really help?? i have some tangles but i dont really do anything about them and i fear that by combing i will loosen my waves and pull them apart. and when is the best time to comb?
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    Most everyone here combs their hair in the shower when their conditioner is still in their hair. That is when it is easiest to get the tangles out. Then, no more combing.

    I myself, will sometimes comb right after I get out of the shower and sometimes in the shower. Sometimes I don't even bother combing at all. I didn't today. But my hair never tangles.
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    If you comb in the shower with conditioner in your hair you should be fine. Just do not BRUSH. :P
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    That was me. :P I too am a victim of this computer glitch! :evil: :lol:
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