Hello curly girls!

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Hi curly girls everywhere! I have dark brown corkscrew curls. I've tried the ironing, soup can setting, even straightened my hair because I hated the big frizzy hair I have had all my life. I straightened my hair once when I lived in WA state. Then several months later I moved to the high desert climate of the southwest in New Mexico and my hair stayed straight. The dry desert climate was quite a contrast to that of the humid rainy conditions of WA, that my hair wouldn't curl. I thought I had killed my curls for good.

It took several months before my curls started to come back. I was actually glad to have them back again too. My husband told me my personality was wrapped up in my curls and I just didn't look right without curls. Well they've been back for 7 years now and this year they are curlier than ever with all the rain we've been having here in NM.

You can run you can hide but you just can't escape your curls! :D


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    Welcome! We're glad you've joined us.

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    You are beautiful!