Organic surge.

janieboojanieboo Posts: 141Registered Users
Hey all,

Just wondering if anyone has used Organic Surge prodects? Found some at Shopper's Drug Mart on sale, there was mint but I picked up the Fresh Grapefruit CO. Smells delish and is nice and thick. It does have one water soluable cone (PEG12 Dime).


  • DeodandDeodand Posts: 159Registered Users
    Hi Janieboo, this is my HG low-poo of choice. I still need to wash my hair every day because my scalp gets too oily and I break out in welts. I have to be very careful about what I put up there in general :rolleyes: So far I have had no issues with Organic Surge. It's made in the UK so I think perhaps American curlies can't get it.

    The best thing about it is that it LATHERS. I missed lather!
    2B low porosity low elasticity fine texture
    I'm not CG - tried it and failed for two years. My scalp hates it.
  • janieboojanieboo Posts: 141Registered Users
    Thanks Deodand! I'm glad to hear you like it! Yeah, I read on the back of the container that it's made in it was my Scottish roots callin' to me, hahaha.

    I actually got the conditioner to use as my CO since suave (which i will keep using for my co-wash) isn't really that moisturizing. Very excited to use it now, thanks for the review!!

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