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Okay I know typically this board is about recipes and cooking, but I had to share my new love for Kashi frozen eats. I grabbed a couple of Kashi frozen dinners and hot pockety kinda things when I was coming up on a point where I knew I wasn't going to have leftovers to take for lunch but didn't want to be going out to get lunch as often anymore. They were on sale, for roughly the same prices as any other frozen something-or-other, and I figured the health factor alone would make me feel less guilty for not eating something home cooked, even if it sucked.

Well, they didn't suck.

I've had the Chicken Florentine twice now, and I was blown away by how great it was. I had the Chicken Pasta Pomodoro once, and it was good-- better than most frozen meals, but not off the charts like the Florentine.

And I just had one of the hot pockety things. They call the pocket bread sandwiches or something like that, and they're really bread around them. I was skeptical about putting bread in the mircowave, but it came out warm and soft and not at all chewy, and it was great!! Surprisingly filling, for ow little it was, too. 300 calories, 30%DV of protein, though a little high on sodium (28%DV) it was delicious.

Recommended!! Anyone else feeling Kashi love? I've tried their breakfast bar type things and was not impressed, but I love GoLean Crunch, so perhaps I need to expand my horizons.
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    I eat a lot of Kashi foods. I have only tried one frozen meal because I had a free coupon. I think it was the pomodoro one because that was the only one they had the day I went shopping. It was just okay so I was glad it was free. I like the pumpkin spice flax granola bars, most of the cereals and the TLS crackers and the party crackers. All of the flavors I have tried are good. I also tried a cookie because they sent me a free one in the mail. It was good but I tend not to buy cookies. I like to make my own. I think I would like the pockets.

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