Tips for using a Rice Cooker?

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I bought a rice cooker from Amazon, and I've never used one. I'm really excited to try it. I bought the Zojirushi 6 Cup Rice Cooker / Steamer. If you use a steamer, how do you use it - any tips? And do you recommend a particular cookbook?

I plan to cook brown rice and also try steelcut oatmeal and quinoa. And maybe something called farro that I get at Whole Foods salad bar but want to cook myself.

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    I don't usually do anything too fancy with my rice cooker. I have used my steamer, and just put water in, set it to cook and let it go until the veggies are done. I've made mexican rice in it before, sauteeing up the onions and green peppers ahead of time, adding all of the ingredients to the rice cooker and letting it do it's thing. Though, keeping it on "warm" too long made the bottom all brown and icky. Haven't mastered recipes in the rice cooker quite yet.
    I've made blends of rice and wheat bulgar, just added them at the same time to cook since they seem to cook at the same rate.
    I use mine at least once a week, love it! Congrats on your new rice cooker :)
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