hi, i am new and i need help

hi i am beingnappy. i have been going natural for about 2 months but i desperately need as much help as possible. my relaxed hair is overprocessed and uneven. i used to use the precis relaxer and the mizani relaxer(i went to a professional hair stylist). my natural hair is 4a/4b. right now it is very dry. i have not put heat on it for two weeks. i tried wearing it in a braid out style but the lady that did my hair braided it too tightly. i have been washing my hair once every two weeks. i plus it is very tangled at the roots adn is breaking off in small strands. i need new ideas for products. i am looking for something that is inexpensive and natural. and i need new styling ideas for my hair because i have senior pictures on monday. how do i keep my hair detangled without breaking it off and still keep it looking soft and healthy?


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    You really need to baby your hair. All is I can say is deep treatment and conditioner, conditioner, and more conditioner. You've come to the right place for help..welcome :D You may want to post in general discussion or your hair type section for more recommendations.