Is braiding a good option for transitioning?

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Ok, the thing is I'm re-transitioning. I did it almost a year ago, went for the BC and all, but after growing my hair out I straightened it again. I want to transition once again, but I want to grow it very long before cutting the relaxed ends, as the BC didn't do it for me the first time and I felt really weird with short hair.

Has anyone transitioned with braiding only? If so, what techniques did you use? Braids? Sewed extensions? Which one is best? Does your hair stay healthy throughout the whole growing process?

All help is much appreaciated!


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    I say yes. I have been tranisitioning with braids for practically my whole transition and I've benn transitiong for almost ten months. It's kept my hair very healthy and also helps my hair grow at a faster rate. Plus its so much easier. No hassle over the two textures. Once I took my braids out and had to wash and detangle before getting them done again. Let me tell you detangling was a nightmare! I am so thankful for my braids. Btw i get singles. I would just reccomend that you find someone who knows what thier doing and doesn't braid too tight
  • EkaetteEkaette Registered Users Posts: 356
    I use braids a lot
    They come in really handy for when I get sick of handling my hair

    4b natural
  • ninadefninadef Registered Users Posts: 243
    I didn't start braiding until I hit month 8, but now I'm pretty much a braidoholic and will try to stay braided through winter (whitch in my country is now until april).
  • lit26lit26 Registered Users Posts: 131
    Kinky Twist are more better for you hair
    last perm 11/8
    Bc'd 4-9-9 :sunny:

    A product to make tranistioning EASIER!:cheers:
    Scissors. Think of it like this, your mixing dirty clothes with clean clothes, you can use all the perfum you want (hair product) but the dirty clothes (permed hair) will never be clean, will eventually get old, raggedy, and eventually start shredding/breaking(natural&permed hair). Don't waste your time. Transitioning for most is a :boxing: fight that relaxed hair will win!
  • keroppi_keroppi_ Registered Users Posts: 23
    wow, i didn't even know what a kinky twist was... They look GOOD. I don't know if people here in Panama even know how to do that.
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    They are the best thing you can do for your hair when your transitioning I think. Also, they are very affordable and learning to do them yourself is super easy! You can do any style you want with practice and sew in's too!
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    ajiotal wrote: »
    Kinky Twist are more better for you hair
    I agree. I'm currently transitioning with kinky twist and my hair is growing like crazy. i cut off the relaxed hair when i finally got enough hair to hold the twists. they're very convienent.
  • kinkycurlybunnykinkycurlybunny Registered Users Posts: 22
    I've been transitioning with braids since my last relaxer (November 2008). Braids have actually been a staple style of mine all of my life. Braids work well for my hair and it seems like my hair grows a lot faster in braids. I agree with mixedbaby that you have to find someone who will do them right and the detangling is crazy! I prefer braids because they are very convenient and I don't have to worry about manipulating my hair much or finding styles to hide my different textures. I use Kanekalon hair because it's cheaper and my frizzy hair seems to last longer in them. As for sew-ins, I wear those every now and then. I mainly choose to wear those in the winter because I don't have to worry about my head being so hot from the tracks and hair.

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    Yes, definitely! I am wearing a protective style with a sew-in as I type! My own hair is braided underneath and right now, this is the best thing for me. The only complaint I have is that my scalp tends to get dry and starts to itch. But if you're busy and on the go like I am, it is definitely a time-saver. If you take care of your hair, you'll be amazed at how quick it grows!

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