Best Drugstore Hair Color Kits

happycurls24happycurls24 Registered Users Posts: 263
just wondering what the best drugstore hair color kits were.
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Other products: Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam Mousse, LA looks Sport gel, & whatever is cheapest for a frizz serum.



  • PT_CudaPT_Cuda Registered Users Posts: 329
    Natural Instincts - just for being a semi-permanent and its very gentle.. Also if you really miss the color you wanted, it can be helped to fade quickly with some harsher shampoo's..

    Other than that, I've found them all to be decent. Feria - has a distinct smell that I would probably avoid if I didn't love some of the colors they have.. But turn on a fan and open a window and I can put up with it..
  • anniemaeanniemae Registered Users Posts: 1,702 Curl Neophyte
    I have read a lot about Loreal Color Spa - no ammonia, non-permanent. It washes out in 28 shampoos. I have read all good reviews on this.

    It is hard to find in stores, so you can order online. I haven't tried it, but it sounds good.
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  • marinacurlzmarinacurlz Registered Users Posts: 1,720
    My Mom and I are cheap, we use colorsilk. Though I had great results with that nice and easy color blend technology. Here are the pics, I actually use the exact box of colorsilk in the pic!

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  • caramix3acaramix3a Registered Users Posts: 462 Curl Neophyte
    Hi! I'm back under a new name - used to be cara4curls. The last time I colored my hair, after many years with sticking to L'Oreal Preference, I tried the Revlon Colorsilk on the recommendation of a both a friend who is very experienced with coloring her own hair, plus a person who used to be a pro. I was a little hesitant at first, about how something this cheap could be this good, but it is, and gentler on the hair(and still be a permanent color)than my Preference was. Since I have thick hair that's below jaw length, but still clears my shoulders, it did take a box and a half, and it was JUST enough for my hair last month. I did a mix of one box of medium auburn and half a box of medium golden brown - came out nice. The next time I do this, I will add a little bit of their Bright Auburn to punch it up a little more. Nice product! They do cut corners with the gloves(loose, not form-fitting the way they should be), and they only give you 2oz each of color and developer, vs. 2.5 of each with the Preference. Plus the conditioner packet is really only enough for one application, unlike the Preference conditioner that is enough for once a week treatment until one re-colors. The glove issue can be fixed with just buying a box of gloves at Walgreens or Sally Beauty Supply. But the color itself came out great, with good grey coverage and very shiny too. I have a couple of more boxes of this, and will make final judgement the next time I color.
  • Sweet CarolineSweet Caroline Registered Users Posts: 8
    Yes, I agree. I used to get L'oreal, but now use Revlon Colorsilk and love it. I mostly do roots with a few streaks of color to blend. It covers grey well and leaves my hair really soft and lasts about 4 weeks. And the price is great...$3.00. I highly recommend it!! I use the light Blonde colors # 81 I think.
  • Ms.KimyKWMs.KimyKW Registered Users Posts: 1
    :hello2:I just dyed my hair a few weeks ago and I love it. It was a store bought permanent haircolor by Loreal Technique (Preference). And the chemical did not straighten my hair, which was what I was afriad of. The only thing the dye did to my hair was cause my hair to be drier than usual, so I must use a heaver moisturizers and conditioners.
  • caramix3acaramix3a Registered Users Posts: 462 Curl Neophyte
    Yes, the Preference will do that, dry the hair. I didn't realize how much since I'd been using it for years, but once I switched over to the Colorsilk and also went CG, there's a big difference. Loving the fact that the Colorsilk is also cheap, since it takes one and a half boxes to do my hair.
  • coleflacolefla Registered Users Posts: 3
    I also color my hair now and then, I have used Natural Instincts and a few products from L'Oreal so far. They all were okay, I was quite happy with the color of my hair. Don't know if it matters but I always darkened my hair, from brunette to dark brown.
  • kenzie!kenzie! Registered Users Posts: 5,055
    I like natural instincts-if i dont like the color, its easy to get rid of, no roots to touch up, and its super-duper moisturizing. I havent dyed my hair in a while, but when i used to dye it i would be amazed at how much prettier my curls looked from all the moisture they were getting!
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  • tinahtinah Registered Users Posts: 1,195 Curl Neophyte
    I use Revlon Colorsilk. It does a great job of covering grey and it's inexpensive. It doesn't seem to dry my hair out and I get consistently good results. I used to use the Garnier Fructis but I think I like the colorsilk just as much if not more and I definitely love the price. I use the same color as the picture in the previous post by marinacurls.
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  • runnerchickirunnerchicki Registered Users Posts: 475
    The best IMO is Ion brand from Sally's.
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