How long until I can dye my hair again?

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I just posted a thread a day or so ago after I dyed my hair dark auburn.
It was originally overwhelmingly red and absolutely hideous but now much of the red has faded and though less hideous, it is far too dark and makes me look like a vampire. :angry3:

The curlies who posted on my other thread were extremely helpful :thumbright:and gave me some tips but I really don't have the patience to wait for the rest of this blood color to get out of my hair and really just want a normal color again.

I was thinking a dark brown (not too dark! I do want to try to lighten my hair from what it is now) but darkish.

I take excellent care of my hair (except for the last few days I have been using sulfates to try to dull my color) but other than that I have been a modified CG since last year and I use a deep conditioner every other day. I think my hair would not be terribly damaged if I were to dye it once more.

How much longer do I have to look like a bloodsucking demon?!?

Please help. Thanks.
and thanks to eveyone who commented on my other thread. :D
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    Haircolor won't lift haircolor. You may need to use a color remover, like ColorFix first, then recolor. :) HTH
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    What ever happened with your hair? Did you ever color it again?

    Also, what was the original brand and color you used that you didn't like?

    Thank you. I hope your hair is better now.
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