hair freshener..ANYONE ?

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so i'm finally getting decent results when i straighten my hair, but it's still a long process. so once i flat-iron it, i like to keep it straight for as long as possible (well, til i wash it again).

i work in a smoky & sweaty bar at nights, which leaves my hair not smelling its best. does anyone know of any products which mask smoky odours or just neautralise the smell.. just so i can put off washing it til the end of the week? anyone tried any hair perfumes/fresheners? preferably one that isn't too drying or causes frizz...

any suggestions appreciated!


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    Shiseido makes a hair and body freshener to neutralize cigarette smoke and cooking odors, but it's a little pricey--$27. Maybe you can find it on EBAY?
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    My hairdresser recommended Dry Clean by Sebastian. Smells great and gets all the bar smell out of my hair.
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    If I'm not mistaken, African Pride has one, I think they call it a "Hair Deoderizer". It's a small bottle, and I'm not sure of the cost. It's on the Walgreens Website. You can probably find it at one of the Black Beuty Supply stores as well I would think.
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