DevaCurl vs. DevaCare

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I'm a long time, on and off user of [buylink=]DevaCurl One Condition[/buylink]. But i've never tried [buylink=]DevaCare One Condition[/buylink]...or any of the DevaCare products.

If you've tried both DevaCurl and DevaCare versions of the same product, can you explain the differences, especially One Condition?


  • jmwallacejmwallace Posts: 6Registered Users
    I have been using Deva products for the past year or so. I've found that I like the [buylink=]DevaCurl One Condition[/buylink]er better than the [buylink=]DevaCare One Condition[/buylink]er. I think it smells better, for one, and the conditioning is just as good, if not better for me.
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    The DevaCare line is specifically designed for color-treated, curly hair. It contains Vitamin C, which supposedly makes your color stay true longer. I say supposedly because I have no idea if Vitamin-C is capable of slowing color fade. The DevaCurl line is for curly hair in general. I've used both, and the results seem to be the same, I thought that I would love the DevaCare line, because I love citrus scents, but it really doesn't smell like citrus. It doesn't smell bad at all, just not like I expected. I prefer the DevaCurl line.

    Hope this helps! :)
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    I am waiting for a shipment of Deva products from Avenue You. I am heartbroken because I am new to the Deva line and I didn't realize there is a difference between DevaCARE and DevaCURL.

    I smelled the DevaCare that a friend has, and I fell in love with it. I thought it smelled like an orange creamsicle. You can imagine how sad I was when I looked at my online order receipt and realized that I ordered DevaCURL. They are the liter-sized bottles, too.

    I got an RMA, but I don't think I want to pay for return shipping, and then wait until the store credit is credited to my account, and then buy the DevaCare AGAIN and pay for shipping AGAIN. I'm really sad. I really hope I like the scent of the DevaCurl, or else I'll have to swap it away.
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    I decided to just order a new shipment of DevaCare liters anyway, and returned the DevaCurls. AvenueYou is giving me store credit, which is fine.

    I am really glad that I returned the DevaCurl. Rose-scented is just not my thing. I am in love with the DevaCare. I think it smells like an orange creamsicle and my hair is amazingly soft and shiny, and my curl pattern looks much better than usual. I have heard people say the Care line is more moisturizing than the Curl line.

    The liters of DevaCurl I received had pump tops, not caps like the DevaCare. Hopefully Deva Concepts will start shipping all their liters with pump tops, because the DevaCare is so thick that it's hard to squeeze out. I ordered some Deva pumps from a seller on eBay, though, and they work really well!

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