Do you tip the owner of the salon?

I recently found a great stylist - she is on her own.
She has her own spot - is not in a huge salon.
Do I tip her? What amount?
She recently upped her fee to $85.00 for a cut and I have short hair.

So do I tip an owner or not? I understand when it's someone that is working for a salon.

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    Though that's not one of the "rules", I do. My stylist is a co-owner of a pretty large, busy salon, but she shampoos me and everything herself. I always tip her, usually 20-25%.
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    The owner cuts my hair, and I tip her 20%. I've heard you don't need to tip the owner, though.
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    I have always heard not to, but felt bad about not tipping. I usually tip a smaller amount, or give more to the shampoo girl on the stylist's request. :)

    If her price went up and the amount seems too much for your short hair (how short?), maybe you can discuss a discount? But if she still takes the same amount of time on your hair vs longer hair, then that's just the breaks. :( Same reason DH (balding, military short hair) pays full price, same as someone with thick long hair.
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    I read a Dear Abby article that said the "not tipping the owner" is an old school thing, and now its expected practice to tip the owner as well.
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    I tip the owner of my nail salon $5 for pedi and $5 for refill -- don't know if that's correct but when I have a nail break she fixes it at no cost -- so it's worth it to me.
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    My previous hairdresser was also the salon owner, and I tipped him. However, I would probably give less of a tip if I had short hair and the price had suddenly been changed to 85$, truth be told. :S