Trying to grow out my hair...need advice.

Straight'n'CurlsStraight'n'Curls Posts: 1Registered Users
I want to grow out my hair as long as I can. Right now it a little below my shoulder which is a big step for me because as soon as it touched my shoulders I want to cut it off. My hair is like a 2c and 3a. I have no idea how to start and what to do. If anybody has any guidance please give me some feedback.

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  • caijcatcaijcat Posts: 3Registered Users
    this forum has a lot of great info for growing out long hair.
  • Heidi_234Heidi_234 Posts: 21Registered Users
    Hehe, LHC is awesome:)
    But for starters: Cut/trim it as little as possible (you don't really have to cut it every 2 months, it's a evil myth) and frequent the hair salon as little as possible (they tend to cut more than you manage to grow). Take good care of your hair, and try to be healthy.
  • RyanneRyanne Posts: 686Registered Users
    Yes, LHC has very good information and encouraging tips.

    Maybe you can learn some up-dos, so you don't have to think of your hair. Or buy pretty clips or other stuff that distract you from scissors and saloon visits. Pamper the hair, instead of shortening it. Maybe find examples, like hair in movies or pictures, to inspire you to keep on growing.
  • TSpanglaTSpangla Banned Posts: 68Banned Users
    I visit LHC, too! They have a lot of good updo info and care tips. I try to always keep my goal in mind, especially when I see cute cuts that I want to try.

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