Gettin' fancy with the phone...

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I want to upgrade my phone and get a data plan. I am planning on buying an unlocked phone off of Amazon (I don't qualify for an upgrade yet through t-mobile) and then just changing my plan online.

Once I actually get the phone, do I just have to take the SIM card out of my old one, stick it in the new one, and voila? Done? It seems too easy? Will I have to go into the store or anything at all?



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    Hola kika, como estas? fuiste a ver al senor santos? :)

    i recommend getting a phone that tmobile fully supports or else you might not get all the perks of the phone. for example, an iPhone uses sim cards. but throw a tmobile sim in an iPhone, dont think it would work. even with some hacking by the hacking geniuses, you might still not get full perks. so to get the most out of ur phone, try to make a tmobile compatible phone.

    i had the tmobile dash back in the day and i had it unlocked (in DR) and i managed to use it on my cingular/ ATT plan. when it powered on it said tmobile but it was on cingular/ ATT service. the only issue was when i got text message, it would display the number, instead of the person's name. but when i opened the actual text message, the person name came up. im not sure if this is how the Dash on Tmobile worked, but i suspect it didnt.

    just get an iPhone tho :). forget about tmobile! :)
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    Yo sí fui a verlo, era increible, pero yo estaba SUPER-guapa por la hora que comenzó el 1:30am? En serio???

    I can't get an iPhone, I need keys to text! Ha ha. Also, I'm poor ;-).
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    Oh, y Aventura en Noviembre en el Gwinnett Arena ;-).
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    You'll likely have to call your service provider and give them the serial number off the phone you're using to get it to communicate with the SIM card properly. But I'm hardly an expert.

    What kind of phone did you get?
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    I just ordered a Nokia E63 this morning--I'm sooooo excited. It's a cheaper smartphone, but it is within my budget, and it has great reviews.

    I repeat, SOOOO excited!!!