Beachy Waves and Twists?

curlyhairroxcurlyhairrox Registered Users Posts: 3
How can I make my hair, not curly, but beachy waves and soft spirals, you know, laid back and wavey (but not wimp waves)
Can anyone help?
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  • LaughfeenLaughfeen Registered Users Posts: 12
    unless you are a cg i would reccomend surf hair products from garnier. but thats all i kno of...and i havent tried it just heard tht it works
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    ya the surf hair works well.
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  • SapphireWingstarSapphireWingstar Registered Users Posts: 381
    You could try braiding your hair at night in to two or more braids. Also use lighter products, so your waves/curls aren't weighted down. Oh, have you tried plopping? It really helps with volume and getting more bouncy waves/curls, I'm told.
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