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Alright, I've searched the boards high and low and I cannot find one single reference to this stuff. Has anyone heard of Natural Oasis Herbal Hair and Scalp Conditioner??? There are several products in this line that I've seen several different places here in MD. But the jar I have (almost empty) most closely resembles good old fashioned hair "grease". Its a clear jar with a black lid and black writing. The "grease" itself is yellow. I got it at a flea market because I thought it would be good for my daughters hair. It seems to be just oils.....and her hair loved it back when I purchased it. At that point I was trying to press her new growth so that I could at least comb her hair while she transitioned. Its solid in the jar but as soon as you get some in your hands it liquifies and her hair used to just drink it up and really shine. Anybody else tried this stuff? Here are the ingredients that are listed on the jar:

cold pressed vegetable oils, organically grown herbs, vitamin E, vitamin B5, methylparaben, fragrance.

What are "cold pressed vegetable oils"? Are we talking Crisco here or what? I don't want to put anything bad on her hair. This stuff seems too good to be true. Just wondering if anyone else used this stuff before.
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    You don't hear about it often because it's not sold in a lot of places. However, a BBS near my home carries most of the Natural Oasis line. I don't have the grease handy (I have the more concentrated version of the grease, herbal moisturizer, but I've used the grease before) and there's nothing bad in the product line--mostly or all natural ingredients. The grease doesn't contain any petroleum or mineral oil. Use with in good conscience--it's healthy for your hair.
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    Unfortunately, the only experience I've had with Natural Oasis was in the form of a relaxer, many years ago. I think I may have used the oil, but none of the other products. I've seen it in my local BSS, but those products look suspect, like they've exceeded they're shelf life, so I haven't considered trying them.
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    I've used it - -it's just aight----good sub for hair grease or what you would use instead of Carol's daughter Mimosa hair honey.
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    like curlilocs, my stylist use to use this on my hair when i was getting relaxers. i haven't used it in over 5 years, but i see it at my neighborhood BSS as well. Haven't had the urge to try it again on my transitioning hair though.
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