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Hi from a UK newbie...

the UK brand Boots have this permanent home straightening kit called Boots Straighten (I'm not sure if it's available online to overseas customers), I was just wondering if any forum users had tried it? I've got one that's been gathering dust for a year or so - I guess I've been too scared it'll just fry my hair. I'm not really clear how it works - the straightening cream contains ammonium which I assume is very damaging, although it claims the product will make your hair stronger by 'selectively breaking and re-aligning bonds'.

I've read varying online customer reviews, some saying it's great and does what it promises, others saying it's done nothing/wrecked their hair. Obviously the results are going to vary depending on your hair type and how damaged it is already (mine's 2b I think, with some slightly more coarse, curly bits in the underlayers, and pretty dry thanks to lots of flat-ironing). Should I just not risk it and bin the stuff?

Also, incidentally I noticed on the box there are 'Before and After' pictures for different hair types, and straight hair is listed as 'Normal'(!), while the 'Wavy' model only has the slightest kink and 'the 'Curly' is more thick and wavy, but deliberately messed up... it didn't encourage me!

Thanks for any help!

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