Breakage. Dryness. Frizz. Itchyness. Nightmare :(.

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Hello lovelies.
So it's been 6 months since my last (and hopefully final) relaxer. After 6 years but only about 8 relaxers i think my hair deserves a break.

I was hoping that some of you lovely ladies here could give me some recommendations of good hir products to use during and post my transitioning stage, because of course you are the best critics.

I am trying to combat breakage, dryness and frizzfrizzfrizz. Frizz is my main enemy as if i could smooth out and de-frizz my curls, i could quite happily steer clear of my straightening irons which contributes to the breakage and dryness. Its really all one vicious circle!

Shea butter is a common product that often pops up with good reviews, as goes kinky curly custard cream? lol.

I have a lot more hair to grow out, which i don't mind waiting for as i am hopeful that the results will be worth it.

My roots are about 2 inches or so and i would catagorise it as 4a meaning it is thick and curly. When i get hot and sweat (sorry) my roots revert back to their unruly selves and my ends are straight but i have this poofy root area. This is most visible around my hairline where the hair looks frizzy- just hours after i have spent hours trying to iron it out! My hair seems to get so dry in general that it breaks all the time, and my heart just sinks when i look at where ive been lying or sitting to find little black broken hair strands left behind.

So anything that anybody recommends for anti-frizz, healthy hair or any product that you swear by for my hair type would be deeply appreciated.

Thank you if you managed to get through this, i really didnt mean to drag on!

Thankyouthankyouthankyou lovelies :).


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    I personally think curl junkie banana and hibiscus deep conditioning treatment is a must!! ive tried soooo many DC's and this one really does leave the hair feeling uber soft and shiney, even compared to the others.

    in the bath I go whole hog, and wrap my hair in clingfilm after slathering on conditioner, then just lounge in the bath and let the heat help the conditioner to penetrate (and yes, I do look silly. lol)
    I also use a similar method when I go to the gym, and I put on masses of deep conditioner before heading to the steam room. it works! try it! ;o)

    as you say. [buylink=]KCCC[/buylink] also leaves hair well conditioned and curls defined, but I find it also pulls the curls down, giving me length but sacrificing body.

    you might need protein if your hair is damaged. I sometimes use the biomineral oil from baltia and aleeza when I get out the bath. it feels serum when it comes out the bottle, but you dont feel it once your hair dries. you can use all your usual products and leave-in without it feeling icky (In my experience. everyones hair is different of course..) hope some of this proves useful! ;o)
    UK Curly
    Boots essentials range - Co-wash
    Aussie Miracle Moist - Conditioner
    Any non-cone Leavein I can find (its not easy)
    Boots essentials - Gel

    Always brush with a comb. and wrap in a microfibre towel to dry.

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