Need help transition from a Wave Nouveau to Natural

CURLYSOULCURLYSOUL Registered Users Posts: 1
Hi !

For the pass month I was thinking of going natural now I'm ready.My last touch up with Wave Nouveau curly perm was last May 2006.

What is the best way to do the transition without the BC? What is the best routine & hair style? Which hair treatment is good to minimize breakage?

BTW my hair type is 3C

Many Thanks :)


  • Sweet_AmbrosiaSweet_Ambrosia Registered Users Posts: 19
    I dont think there's a best way, a right way or a wrong way to transition, coz everyone's hair is different. But I can tell you what works for me since I have no plans on BC'ing anytime soon.

    *Protective Styles
    *Moisturizing Often
    *CO Washes
    *Little to no Heat

    To help minimize breakage:

    *Keep your new growth and ends moisturize
    *Deep Condition atleast once or twice a month
    *Use as little heat as possible
    *Comb your hair only when it's wet and full of conditioner

    Check out for more info and tips.

    *Transitioned Successfully (7-20-05~7-20-07)
    *100 Natural 3c/4a
    ♥Hair Goal: WSL *stretched/straighten* '08♥

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