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We're conducting a poll and would love your feedback!

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  • cjccjc Posts: 636Registered Users
    Finding nc.com was the best thing for my hair. I use to get it straightened. Now I LOVE my curls due to all the great tips on this site.
    3B very thick, curly hair and on the longer side
    Palm Beach County, Fl
  • MarMar Posts: 3,004Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I always liked curly hair-but during HS/puberty,mine was FRIZZY and coarse and I had no idea what to DO to make it nice and curly!

    It calmed down around age 18,though and I have loved it ever since :)
    "what's so funny 'bout peace, love and understanding?"

    "If you judge people,you have no time to love them"
    -Mother Theresa
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 Curl Neophyte
    The only time I liked my curly hair was when I wore it in a shag in the 70's and I didn't have to set it. If I did set it I also liked the fact that I could use hot rollers and by the time I got the last roller in, I could begin taking the others out. It curled so fast.

    Mainly, though, I have been trying to achieve straight, smooth hair all of my life. As I mentioned in another post, I read about the curly girl method and book in a newspaper article. I remember wishing that I had that kind of curly hair, not the poufy hair I had. In January of 2005 I got my last "real" hair cut. A few weeks later I googled "naturally curly" and I was hooked. Now I no longer fight with a flat iron to achieve a smooth "bob". I also plan on being an old lady (one of these days :wink: ) with long, naturally curly hair. So, actually, I didn't make true peace with my hair until I was in my 50's.

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  • RipplesRipples Posts: 40Registered Users
    quote "Maudie"- The only time I liked my curly hair was when I wore it in a shag in the 70's and I didn't have to set it..."

    OMG!!! I have lived with a "modified" version of this haircut for about 20-25 years because it was so easy for me to care for (wash & go. It's the cut in my avatar.) Last year, I finally started to grow out those short layers. It's taking forever it seems, but with my last trim, it's closer now to being longer layers. The thing that changed my outlook on my hair has been this site and "jealousy" over my little sister's hair (gorgeous long ringlets!)

    It's been a long, rough journey, and at times I still want to lop it off, longing for the simpler days of wash-and-wear hair, but I have a wonderful stylist who keeps encouraging me.

    YAY! for NC.com!!

    3A/f/ii CG since Aug 17, 2005...HG's: AHC, CK, Re:coil & GFSCC
  • StarmieStarmie Posts: 7,169Registered Users Curl Virtuoso
    I haven't voted as I honestly don't think I have made peace with my curls. I suppose I could vote 50's and hope I do!
    3b in South Australia.
  • jeepcurlygurljeepcurlygurl Posts: 20,722Registered Users, Curl Ambassador Curl Virtuoso
    I was in my 40's before I found NC and started liking my whacky hair. And life is so much easier and less stressful now thanks to you all! I spend much less time and money on my hair and have far fewer ugly hair days. And when I do, I just put it up in a pony and forget about it.
    --I'm located in Western PA.   --I found NC in late 2004, CG since February 2005, joined the forums in May 2005, started going grey in late 2005.   --My hair is 3B with some 3A, currently at mid back length when dry,  texture-medium/fine, porosity-top is low, middle is medium, ends are porous, elasticity-normal.   --My long time favorite products are Suave & VO5 conditioners, LA Looks Sport Gel, coconut oil, honey, vinegar.   
    --My CG and grey hair progress -  
    --My article at NaturallyCurly about going grey - 

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