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Hi everyone! My name is Joy, I'm 19 and have 2A wavy hair. I have a VERY thick hair, but each individual hair is extremely fine. My hair tends to seem weighed down, gets frizzy and coarse extremely easily and doesn't hold any styling for very long. It is very frustrating. I have also colored my hair in the past, but I let all the color grow out before I recently dyed it dark brown again just this past week.

In the past I just used a bunch of different shampoos & conditioners, whatever smelled nice and moisturized & smoothed. Since I colored it I have been using L'OREAL Paris Hair Expertise Ever Pure color care system. I use the smoothing rosemary and juniper shampoo and the moisture rosemary mint and romarin menthe conditioner.

Before I condition, I apply Organix nourish coconut milk self-heating coconut oil before I even step in the shower and leave it on while I shampoo, then rinse out. After I shower I only ever towel-dry my hair and then spritz on L'OREAL Ever Pure UV Protect Spray (OR John Frieda Frizz-Ease daily nourishment leavin-in conditioning spray, depending on my mood).

Then sometimes I'll work in a little Organix nourishing coconut milk anti-breakage serum OR Garnier Fructis curl sculpting cream-gel (extra-strong formula).

Even though I've experimented for years, my hair is still limp, flat, dry, frizzy and unmanageable. I would LOVE to bring out my waves, add more shine, and especially make my hair a LOT softer.

Can anyone help or have suggestions? I am more than eager to learn! I haven't quite figured out all the lingo on here yet like HCC or DT or whatnot, but if someone could more fully explain that terminology when they respond to my post, I'd really appreciate it!

Here are some pictures of my hair (before I dyed it recently, though). My hair CAN be wavier than in these pictures, but it typically falls flat after a few hours as you can see in these pictures:



xo ~Joy~ ox


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    Note: the L'OREAL Ever Pure color care system shampoo & conditioner I use says it is an anti-fade system, 100% sulfate-free, no harsh salts, natural botanicals and 100% vegan, if that helps clarify. It sounds ideal for color treated hair like mine, even just as a shampoo & conditioner that's not as harsh on your hair as the rest.
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    beautiful pictures!
    im new too and just
    want to say hiiiii &&
    good luck i hope uu
    find what your looking

    new to this - but VERY excited!
    im on a hair mission &thaa journey
    begins =D

    `The reward for conformity was that
    everyone liked you [ except yourself ]` -
    Rita Mae Brown -
    feel free 2u contact me!

    ! SMILE ! - your beatiful