Does MSM or Silica supplements really change hair textures overtime

i've read posts on some hair sites about most women who's hair type and texture has changed when using MSM or Silica. Some women have gone from 4a to 3c using MSM for a couple of month . And some women have their texture/type instantly changed using Bamboo Silica supplements from a few weeks to about a month. I'm very curious on this. I've heard in the past that Silica by itself softens the texture of the hair,but i've never heard of Bamboo Silica changing the type dramatically.

i've been taking MSM and other vitamins that include Silica,and i must say that my roots ARE softer and silkier in most places. And i've been taking Silica for about 2 weeks so far. So i'm going to watch very closely for any changes in my hair.

anyone else experience this or heard about this?


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    I have. I was taking GNC Nourishair for abount 3 months and it worked great. I didn't experience any faster growth but my new-growth was stronger, more wavy and easier to comb (3c/4a).
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    I am currently taking MSM , Silica / horsetail herb extract and Biotin 7500 mg I have been on it for a little over a month and I can say that the roots of my hair is softer and silkier feel to it. So I can only say that I love the affect I am getting from it. I will wait to see in 6 months and will measure my hair grown then to see. Good luck on it SillyCurlz