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Ok so I am in need of a heat protectant or something I can put on my hair after I flat iron it, to weigh my hair down as much as possible! MY hair tends to expand after it's straightened and get bigger, I want something that will weight my hair down a lot and make it bone straight, sort of like straight Asian hair. Normally when I straighten my hair I use Redken Smooth Down Heat Glide, the last time I'm not even sure what the lady put on my hair..it was some water based product and I tend to lean more towards oil-based heat protectants because they seem to make my hair feel more silky and look shinier. So if anyone could recommend a heat protectant that would weigh my hair down, or something that I could put on after I straight my hair to weigh it down, would be great! Thanks!
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    Try Sabino Moisture Block as a heavy heat protectant (silicon based, no water) and a dab of Castor Oil for shine and weight. Works like a charm! Hope this helps!
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    I C Fantasia serum is very heavy..
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    My mother used Blue Magic as a heat protectant when she would press my new growth (with a stove pressing comb) between relaxers and as a natural today she uses it as a protectant to straighten her own hair...and suffers no heat damage (that we have seen ) . I, myself, have not tried it but plan on doing so in the future...
    I'm working at best dissertation writing service, and we made researches on this topic. Chemicals in styling industry are really harsh. But Blue Magic is good enough.
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    I've been using Paul Mitchell's Super Skinny Serum (silicone based) for years now and still have it and use on the rare occasions I do straighten or curl. If you want to try it out you can try GVP's version (Generic Value Products) version of the Skinny Serum that is identical in formula to PM but much cheaper at Sally Beauty. I also have tried It's-a-10 Leave In Lite (white bottle) for when I straighten/curl and it's worked fairly well in calming/weighing down unruly pieces. They have their original Leave in (blue bottle) that's their most popular and the Silk version (purple) that I can assume is their most heavy formula.
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