Hello fellow curlies!

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Hi! I'd like to say, this is a fantastic idea for a forum. It's so hard to find anyone who I can swap curly hair tips with. (I swear, every girl my age irons their hair down. Eep.)

I'm seventeen with ringlet curls that happen to be pretty straight on top. :roll: I've been on a sort of CG-routine on my own for a while now, shampooing maybe once every week or two to help get rid of buildup. AND I'm a conditioning freak and I haven't touched a hairdryer in over a year.

So, anyways, I look forward to being pretty darned active on the board! *waves*
Your soul is a beatuful thing, child, and I thank you. The angels wept tonight.


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    Welcome! How'd you find us?

    Gretchen co-founder

    You are beautiful!
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    *Waves back*

    Welcome! :wink: