what's used for what?

Okay, I'm taking these are all styling products but i don't know what they are intended to do for your curls. Are some usually to do this and that or does it vary? Sorry but i'm really trying to figure out my hair!
Sorry if I'm being stupid!


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    Most of them are for some form of styling - depends on what your hair likes as to what you would useicon7.gif
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    Mostly it's just semantics. Think of it in terms of facial moisturizers. There's lotions creams gels etc. They are all mositurizers just of different viscosities. So whether it says butter - lotion - oil etc. They do similar things.

    What makes the difference is the "type" of product. Curl enhancers are designed to maximize the amount of curl to your hair. Gels are designed to provide definition and hold. Leave ins are designed to provide additional moisture.

    A leave in spray and a leave in cream are designed to do the same thing. Impart mositurization. Gels and mousses are designed to do the same thing. Provide hold. Pommades - pastes - etc are designed to help provide definition (and some hold). It's very confusing so it's not a stupid question at all.
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    This is a very confusing topic dobbysgirl! Don't feel bad for posting. Here's what I would do, if I were going to choose a product.

    Step 1. I would look at my hair. Hm... it looks like my waves are not clumped together, and are frizzing everywhere. I would like my waves to stick together and be defined.

    Step 2. I need a curl defining product. Would I pick a butter? Um... well, my hair is medium-porosity 2c. A butter is very heavy, and would weigh down my waves and make them look a little oily. Puddings and custards also fall into this category, and often contain butters. I don't want that. I think I would go with either a creme, or a serum with some light leave-in conditioner underneath.

    In real life: I have problems with dry ends, so after I put on my serum/creme, I may take a little pudding and scrunch it on the ends. The thickness of the butters in the pudding will keep my ends moist all throughout the day, yet still keep my waves separated and defined.

    If you have very tight curls, and want curl definition but a bit of weight, you might choose a butter or a custard, like [buylink=]KCCC[/buylink], which actually does elongate curls.

    Hope this helped!