Are the benefits of texturizer worth the damage?

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Hey! I'm a first time poster but I've been lurking here for a while getting serious hair envy!:laughing1:
I have 2c/3a hair which is fine but pretty dense. I wear my hair curly most of the time but have always had a problem keeping the frizz and flyaways under control so I usually end up with a ponytail or bun. When I found this site I decided to try the CG method and my hair looks MUCH better than it used to but I still find that the outer layers of my hair refuse to stay together with the waves/curls and I end up with a halo of frizz and puffiness :sad1: I've tried several products but unfortunately a lot of the products I see recommended on the forums are not available where I live. Someone suggested using a texturizer to reduce the frizz but I've always been worried about the damage. Is it hard to keep the hair looking healthy once it is processed? Would you say the damage is worth the results most times?
PS Sorry this post is so long!!


  • taltaltaltal Posts: 614Registered Users
    Hi Lexx, texturizing can make ones hair look gorgeous and it can make ones hair look terrible.

    The results depend on a few factors.

    I'll later on post a thread on texturizing and what things one should check before getting a texturizer.

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