Tired of Looking Like a Boy

FuzzbusterFuzzbuster Registered Users Posts: 100
I bought a couple of wigs today. They look pretty decent but I would like to get my natural hair braided underneath (of course its probably too short to braid right now). I also plan to get the wig sewn in to the braids, if possible. I plan to keep this up (wig/braids) for as close to a year as possible.

Question: Will the french braids for such a long period of time, affect my natural curl pattern when I decide to give up the wigs?

Anything in particular that I should be cautious of; such as applying certain moisture to the braids, etc.? Any suggestions?


  • BagogyulBagogyul Registered Users Posts: 3
    i would be careful with braiding hair to tight.....especially at hair line.
    But other than that....do you!
    Hello....Try U Best!
  • FuzzbusterFuzzbuster Registered Users Posts: 100
    Thanks Bagogyul...
  • FuzzbusterFuzzbuster Registered Users Posts: 100
    I decided not to braid & fastened the wigs down. That way I can keep my hair moisturized underneath.

    Now, I have also discovered that I can smooth my hair back to form a phony-pony. I did a fake bun to the side for a couple of days :lol: but my hair still isn't long-enough yet to really pull it off, but I did it anyway. I used the fantasia ic-gel and tied it down w/scarf for a few, but wondered if there is something else that I can use that provides more of a hold for smoothness?

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