Need advice regaurding long curly hair

YetiYeti Posts: 8Registered Users
Sorry if this is in the wrong section, im still new to this, and im still in awe about how many other curly headed people there are.
I don't know what type of curls I have, they seem to change throughout the day and as they grow. Generally I'd say thick and semi long, at one moment I have a bush of curls and the next it's wavy and curly and longer looking.
One issue I have with my hair is it always seems to poof out at one point instead of going down like I want it to, I have given up on salons, so does anybody have any tips on how I can make make my hair just stay down while growing it, yet still making it look shiny?
And another question I have is how can I slick my hair back without it poofing upward?
Products I have tried that don't seem to work are curl relaxer, mouse and bryl cream.
Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated, thanks.

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