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Hi, new member here. Just registered. I have been natural since May. My last relaxer touch-up was in early May, I think. I had wanted to go natural for a while but wasn't sure how I would look, or how I would handle it. I had been relaxing my hair for so long.

It was just about the time when I was due to get my touch-up when I decided to do it. My hair was starting its transition; partly curly at the roots, but still a little straight on the ends. I had the ends cut off so that I just had the curls. It didn't look to bad. Actually, it looked pretty good. As my hair grew, I had it cut shorter to where it was a short afro. I have been wearing it this way all summer.

Now that we're going into fall, I want to let it grow out some but my hair is thick (type 4a curls). I've been thinking about using a texturizer to loosen the curls but have no idea what kind to use. Nothing too harsh.

Any suggestions?