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i decided to give myself a well needed hair trim like 4 months ago. after i cut my hair, i realized that i took off like 4 more inches on my right front side of my hair than on my entire head! i couldnt bare with cutting all of my hair 4 inches shorter so i decided to let it grow out and hopefully catch up. its clearly not catching up and it looks so awkward and noticeable when i wear my hair down. i still dont wanna cut 4 inches off everywhere since i just made my goal of bsl and am dying to grow waist length hair. is there anything i can do to have this hair catch up??? i dont mind if its not exactly the same length, i just dont want it to look so noticeable.
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    get a little cut off the other side so the difference wont be so obvious - other than that you may have to just wait and maybe tie it back or put some grips in it to pull it back at the sides till its more even. (you will notice the short side more if you wear it down) Also hide your scissors!:?
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