Awkward growing out bangs?

IvyLeagueCurlsIvyLeagueCurls Posts: 2Registered Users
Hi, curlyheads! :) I have curly bang growing out issues!

I have just transitioned to CG (like, in the last week) and I am loving my hair....EXCEPT my bangs! They are left over from a straighter, more boring time in my life, and they are just not adjusting to CG very well. They are just...well, awkward looking. Not nice curls at all. My hair is somewhere in the 2c range, with a few 3a's here and there, thick and medium textured.

Is there anything I can do to coax a nicer curl out of them? Or am I stuck bobby pinning them back until they get to a better length? The bangs reach just to my chin when pulled out straight, but are more nose-level in their funky curl.



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    ugh! i have the same problem. for years i would straighten my bangs and now that in growing them out and wearing them natural they just dont want to curl :( mine reach a little above my chin and ive been pinning them back also. BUT there is a way to curl them!!! grab some bobby ping or duckbill clips and curl your bangs into a ringlet and pin/clip it, or you can roll then into another curl nearby so their not in your face. i cant wait for mine to grow out longer so i dont have to do this all the time and i bet you feel the same. happy growing! ;)
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  • SystemSystem Posts: 39,060 Administrator
    I usually use two bobbypins to hold my bangs back. They're not really long enough to wear curly yet. They go up and out instead of curling down due to not enough weight yet.

    I sometimes wear these headbands. They're great and I often wear two in different colors to match my outfits. I bought a pack at the dollar store 5 years ago and still use them.

  • IvyLeagueCurlsIvyLeagueCurls Posts: 2Registered Users
    Thanks for the replies, ladies. I have been pinning my bangs back with bobby pins, but I would really love to wear them down. I think the bigger issue is that my canopy just doesn't want to curl nicely. My hair underneath is clumpy, curly/wavy, and not frizzy. The top is another story, and especially my bangs, which want to do a "c" curl. I may just have to wait for them to grow out for them to do what I want. :angry3:

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