thx for the help


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    I would say you are a 3a. You hair is just gorgeous for a guy.
  • thickcurlygurlythickcurlygurly Posts: 230Registered Users
    I agree 3a and your hair is gorgeous for anyone not just for a guy.
    conditioner: GVP conditioning balm
    leave in co: GVP conditioning balm

    And my hair hates avg :happy3:

    Yes I consider myself obsessed with my hair. :happy7:
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    i thank the both of you :hello2::hello2:

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    Wowwww, I'm impressed! You have awesome curls!

    Yeah...your hair looks about 3a :)
    Curl Type: 2c-3a, Medium thickness, Normal Porosity
    Weekly Low-poo: TJ Pure Castile Soap
    Co-wash: V05 Strawberries and Cream
    Conditioner: GVP Conditioning Balm (Possibly HG!), GF Triple Nutrition
    Styling Products: CK, Re:coil, JCRR, JCCC, LALMHG, EcoStyler, SMU Spray Gel, Boots

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    Your curls are lovely! The guys on here always have such amazing curls, I'm jealous!
    3b-med texture-med porosity
    CG from 21-05-09 2nd try!
    Conditioners: Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose, Aubrey Organics GPB Protein
    Stylers: CJ CCCC, CJ AFG, KCCC
    Gel: Lavera Organic

    My hair LOVES CURL JUNKIE <3 :love10:

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    you have amazing hair ella i'm the one thats jelous lol
    Brunette 2c/3a Fine To Medium, ii / iii volume ,normal to medium porocity,low elasticity.
    O>co washing : original source conditioners (all varieties) ,
    O>experimenting: shampoo bars and acv,
    O:leave in dr bronners aloe vera
    O>styling:boots pink curl creme ,clear gel,
    loose curls and waves around the front some coils underneath and around my nape

    haven't found my holy grail or perfect combo yet but come close.


    my hair loves acv and honey