something fruity, something frozen...

sassysuzannesassysuzanne Posts: 501Registered Users
Schools back in session, so our weather has turned it up to 100+ any good, cold, frozen, maybe fruity type dessert recipes to share?? :snorting:

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  • amiiraamiira Posts: 88Registered Users
    Oh yeah! I blended fresh strawberries with ice and a bit of sugar in my food processor. Came out heavenly! I can't wait to make it again this weekend.
  • anniemaeanniemae Posts: 1,702Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Mix in a blender -

    any flavor yogurt, some fruit juice, fresh or frozen berries, or a banana, and ice.

    This is delicious - like a cold smoothie!!
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    A really ripe banana and a scoop or two of vanilla soy ice cream in the blender. Yum!

    Edy's also makes great fruit bars if you'd rather buy something than make it. Strawberry and Lemon are great!
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