I'm joining mainly for my daughter, but...

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I was not taught how to do my hair while growing up. Relaxing it seemed to be the solution to my hair. I have 4b hair so it was easy to just call it a mess. I wish I had known about Miss Jessi's in Brooklyn (as I grew up in the Bronx). I would have been going to her. many years wasted...

So, I'm determined not to make that mistake with my daughter. She has 4a hair and it's soooooo beautiful when wet! I went to my hair stylist and asked how can I keep that. She said since her hair has two different textures (some looks like 4b and some is 4a) it'll be impossible to get it all coily so just forget it. I was determined not to give up and started my search for something to keep her hair. I stumbled upon some You Tube videos and surfed my way over here! I'm so glad I found this place!

Now that I'm reading more about how to care for 4b hair, I'm wondering if I shouldn't go natural myself. My hair stylist nad I worked for over a year to get my hair healthy and long with this relaxer, but I prefer to be natural so I can be free and not have to always be in the salon every 6wks. I guess I'll be in the transitioning forum a lot as well as the girl forum too...
Myself: 4b
My 1st daughter: 3c/4a
My 2nd daughter: 3b
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