mango in hair

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does anyone have any recipes using mangos for the hair. I heard that mangos are very good for the hair.
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    I've heard of mango butter being excellent for hair conditioning. Though I haven't tried it here's a recipe for a mango conditioner I found:

    Banana Mango Hair Mask

    For a deep, penetrating hair conditioning treatment, head to your fridge and

    You Will Need:
    2 Vitamin E Capsules
    1 Small Ripe Banana
    1/2 Soft Mango
    1 Egg Yolk

    What To Do:
    Combine all ingredients in a blender until thoroughly mixed (pierce vitamin E capsules and squeeze the oil out).
    Wet hair and work the mixture through from the dry ends to your scalp. (if you have oily hair at the scalp, do not put the mixture there).
    Cover with a shower cap for 20 minutes (30 minutes for severely damaged hair).
    Rinse with warm water, then wash as usual.
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  • nicoletinicoleti Posts: 15Registered Users
    thanks, do you remember where you found that?
    3a F/M ii low/normal porosity
    dark brown/slightly past shoulder length hair

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    Just mash up a mango, work it into your hair, and leave it in for about 30 minutes. (or longer.) you can add some honey if you want added curl definition.
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