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Hi, after 7 years of covering my gray with a strawberry red that is closest to my natural, I am running out of ideas and I am getting a bit tired of the same. I tried once having highlights around front but it damaged the hair too much and I got frizzies. I am a 3b so I don't want coarse or frizzy.

So far the formula is a warm strawberry with some chocolate ash brown tones. Darker makes me look ashen and tired. Redder is too brassy and not natural. Lighter requires peroxide and gets brassy after six months. I am growing my hair long and it's shoulder length but I am brave enough to try something else on the bangs.

My issue is that the gray is getting whiter and whiter, and so the red formula is causing a red copper penny type effect which means I need to go a bit browner. The issue with brown is that until it washes out a bit I feel old and drab, my coloring is very light.

What if anything does this forum recommend for any kind of change in color to manage?

Thanks, Nat (Boston 3b)


  • velvet pawsvelvet paws Registered Users Posts: 1,250
    What about a warm light brown with golden tones, rather than ash brown. As a natural redhead, you probably have warm coloring. I would avoid cool, ashy tones anyway, they could wash you out.
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